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Would you like to become a vendor at FOLD?

We love our community of creative vendors that we carry at FOLD. We respect the hard work and time it takes to run a successful small business! If you are interested in getting your wares in our shop, here are a few buying guidelines that we have. 

1. Your company offers 50% wholesale pricing.

2. You have a line sheet and clear terms of sale.

3. For heavy, local orders, you drop off at the gallery (We adore meeting our vendors!!!) or allow pick-up by us. 

5. So sorry! We pay for our order when it is complete and ready to be shipped, dropped off or picked up. For example, we don't pay for your materials cost so you can make the product and then deliver at a later date. 

6. We only pay via online invoice through paypal, square, quickbooks or any other online invoice.

7. We do not pay vendors invoice fees. We pay quite a lot of those of our own. :)

8. You're able to get out the order in a timely fashion. (no 4-week lead times please)

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