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Fold Gallery & Curio Shop Opens it's doors December 2012

Originally, the shop was only supposed to be a workspace. As a resident artist in the Spring Arts Tower for over 5 years, I was offered the space once built in November of 2012. I planned on unashamedly practicing nepotism and showcasing my own art and designs. As Jena Priebe Designs, I thought it the next critical step in offering up my found art, sculpture and massive installations to the world. And what better place than The Last Bookstore?

When the first downtown art walk arrived a mere 10 days after moving into the shop and I scrambled to get the space into a semblance of order. I left a small gallery space to show my work and had a few antique items to sell that I had decided that I couldn't use in my own creations. By the end of that art walk, the shelves were bare and people were asking for more. And I realized that I had the opportunity to embrace my love for antiques and the love I had for treasure hunting and finding them. And thus, Fold Gallery & Curio Shop was born.

Fold Gallery & Curio Shop encompasses all that I know and love. I am able to pursue my passion for curation of other talented artists in the shop and also in the gallery just outside the shop. I showcase mainly found artists, steam punk and industrial driven art but also show painters and photographers. I treasure hunt endlessly and try to find the most wonderful, unique items that people can enjoy and use. And I also practice a small bit of nepotism and showcase some of my own work, though mostly you will see it scattered throughout The Last Bookstore in vaults, above stairs, in quiet corners and secret rooms.

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