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Handmade in Los Angeles

FOLD has had a glorious year of investing in our local artists and artisans. We now have over 35 unique single person or small Los Angeles companies represented in the Handmade in Los Angeles portion of the shop at FOLD. It has been so lovely to get to know these proud company owners and see them thrive! It's so motivating to see hard working people doing so well in a struggling economy. I've been nothing short of amazed at how creative, brave and badass these small business owners have been. Their excitement is infectious! 

Shop small! Feel good about buying LOCAL!  You are literally putting food into the mouth of your fellow community member. Everything is locally made! By purchasing these heart to hand products, you are feeding the local economy and creating more local jobs! You are also helping cut emmisions and saving the earth a little more by supporting local too! No long travel times to get your product.

FOLD is dedicated to saving the earth by offering recycled vintage items, recycled kraft bags, local products that don't eat up precious fossil fuels to travel, and even electronic receipts. Every little bit helps! 

Thank-you for supporting our little shop. We are so endlessly grateful for your continued patronage. We will continue to find these little local small business gems and offer their gorgeous wares at FOLD.