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2-Years. Let's Celebrate!

2-Year Anniversary For FOLD.jpg

The remodel is finally done. It's been a mad dash to hit the ground running just in time for the 2-Year Anniversary Party.

It's hard to believe that FOLD has been open 2 years. It has been quite an adventure. 
As a small business owner, there is a great amount of energy and pride that goes into Every. Single. Day. There is so many challenges and things to learn. Constant development, learning and progression. I'm so proud of where FOLD is today. 
I started FOLD as a 1-shelf, 1-wall gallery with the rest as a studio space. Now, it is a well-designed studio art gallery, vintage shop and handmade in LA community of Los Angeles based artists and artisans. It's hard to imagine it as the very same space transformed into what it is today. 
I'm so very grateful to those who have supported my dream and vision of FOLD. It's an honor sharing a space with The Spring Arts Collective and having awesome neighbors like The Last Bookstore and Gather. 
There are so many supporters in my community that i've relied upon on along the way. Each and every one of you who has helped, believed in me, come and visited, supported me and been long time customers, Thank-you. From the bottom of my heart, i could not have made it without any of you.