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Handmade in Los Angeles

FOLD has had a glorious year of investing in our local artists and artisans. We now have over 35 unique single person or small Los Angeles companies represented in the Handmade in Los Angeles portion of the shop at FOLD. It has been so lovely to get to know these proud company owners and see them thrive! It's so motivating to see hard working people doing so well in a struggling economy. I've been nothing short of amazed at how creative, brave and badass these small business owners have been. Their excitement is infectious! 

Shop small! Feel good about buying LOCAL!  You are literally putting food into the mouth of your fellow community member. Everything is locally made! By purchasing these heart to hand products, you are feeding the local economy and creating more local jobs! You are also helping cut emmisions and saving the earth a little more by supporting local too! No long travel times to get your product.

FOLD is dedicated to saving the earth by offering recycled vintage items, recycled kraft bags, local products that don't eat up precious fossil fuels to travel, and even electronic receipts. Every little bit helps! 

Thank-you for supporting our little shop. We are so endlessly grateful for your continued patronage. We will continue to find these little local small business gems and offer their gorgeous wares at FOLD. 

2-Years. Let's Celebrate!

2-Year Anniversary For FOLD.jpg

The remodel is finally done. It's been a mad dash to hit the ground running just in time for the 2-Year Anniversary Party.

It's hard to believe that FOLD has been open 2 years. It has been quite an adventure. 
As a small business owner, there is a great amount of energy and pride that goes into Every. Single. Day. There is so many challenges and things to learn. Constant development, learning and progression. I'm so proud of where FOLD is today. 
I started FOLD as a 1-shelf, 1-wall gallery with the rest as a studio space. Now, it is a well-designed studio art gallery, vintage shop and handmade in LA community of Los Angeles based artists and artisans. It's hard to imagine it as the very same space transformed into what it is today. 
I'm so very grateful to those who have supported my dream and vision of FOLD. It's an honor sharing a space with The Spring Arts Collective and having awesome neighbors like The Last Bookstore and Gather. 
There are so many supporters in my community that i've relied upon on along the way. Each and every one of you who has helped, believed in me, come and visited, supported me and been long time customers, Thank-you. From the bottom of my heart, i could not have made it without any of you. 




Handmade in LA

I have been remiss in writing about our lovely store, simply because, as a small business owner, you find that you NEVER have enough time. 

FOLD sure has gone through quite a progression. Especially this last year. We started in December, 2012 as a one shelf, 100 square foot retail space with my art studio in the back. There was only one small wall of art and FOLD... was born. Fast forward to now, almost 2 years later. 

After painfully expanding several times, we are finally at our final floor plan. Then came refinement, placement and definition. And marketing. And community networking. And social networking. And.... oh goodness. What a lovely adventure it has been. 

Finally. We have found our true voice. A true definition to what FOLD is and what FOLD represents. We are the Gallery that shows the work of amazing LOS ANGELES artists. We are the shop that celebrates and honors the hardworking LOS ANGELES artisan. We are the vintage store that brings you unique, lovely gifts and decor. 

A few days ago, we finished the installation of the custom shelves that were designed and implemented by Winston Rylee Design. WRD is a local woodcraft artisan that uses reclaimed LA Timber to create furniture and artisanal wood designs. Our shelves are made of a beautiful, tight woodgrain only found in old growth trees. The shelves had been doors that were painstakingly pulled apart, planed down, sanded, custom fitted and designed, sealed and installed. 

For this new Handmade in LA section of our retail space, we are currently working with over 10 Los Angeles artisans with more coming soon! I am always so amazed with the amount of talented individuals and small-team businesses in LA. I am so proud to be working with every one of them and so grateful that we are in the same community. 

Next week, we continue the new build plan. This one is my design implemented by WRD and myself. Stay tuned for updates :)

Be sure to check out the Winston Rylee Design & LA Timber Trading Co website here.