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FOLD sells and celebrates the local Los Angeles artist and the local Los Angeles Artisan. You can also find an ever changing selection of vintage and antiques in the shop. 

FOLD is no run of the mill gallery. FOLD Gallery is about community. We love that our city is so diverse and full of wonderful creatives that have a strong voice and amazing artwork. Our gallery is dedicated to the Los Angeles artist. All of our artists are home grown right here in LA or have struck deep roots within the city.

FOLD also has an entire section of the shop devoted to "Handmade in LA". This space honors the Los Angeles artist and designer. Those single person or small team businesses that pour their heart into their unique, handcrafted work. We carry a wide array of candles, handbags, stationary, apothecary, journals and more. 

FOLD is also vintage and antique. We specialize in vintage cameras, typewriters, maps, barware, nautical and radios. In our shop, you will find interesting and unique items that are the perfect gift or addition to your home or office. We will even go on the hunt for you if you have a special order!